Labuhan Amuk- Deserted Beach In The East Of Bali

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Holiday to Bali is very identical with beach tourism activities. Start from swimming,surfing,sightseeing and marine activity. Bali Island has many wonderful beach  that worth visiting.Some of them are Kuta Beach and Pandawa Beach.But for some tourists who love a deserted beach,they would call its too crowded.So,the question is where is the location and what’s the name of deserted beach in Bali?Check this out.

History of Labuhan Amuk

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Labuhan Amuk Beach is a one of wonderful destination. Labuhan Amuk comes from 2 words that are Labuhan and AmukLabuhan is meaning “port” and Amuk is meaning “Bay”. So literally Labuhan Amuk is a bay for baking local’s fishing boat.


Labuhan Amuk is located in east of Bali.Precisely in the Antiga village,Karangasem,Bali.It’s about 55 kilometers or 1 hour and 10 minutes from Kuta with a car or motorcycle.The access is very friendly.

Nature attraction


Labuhan Amuk has wonderful nature and beautiful environment.Fine sand and row of green  hills surround this beach.The beauty underwater is very preserved, you could see wonderful marine ecosystem and various types of animals.


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Other than in Tanjung Benoa, marine activities who’s more famous as a water sports also available in Labuhan Amuk. Travelers who have tried water sports there, will surely be amazed because the water is very clean and cal,many types of marine animals,and also the sea is lonely.For this moment,Water sports activities are stiil available are :

  • Dive Walker
  • Jet Ski
  • Banana Boat
  • Tubing
  • Snorkeling
  • Ocean Rafting

So guys, What are you waiting for ????