The New Destinations in Bali 2017 –


We knew Bali has many popular destinations, from nature to the culture such as Kuta, Sanur, Tanah Lot and many more. But some tourists may will be bored if they heard them. Some tourists would need something new in Bali. Do you know if destination in Bali increasingly appear ? that’s right. Bali’s destinations are growing every time .So glad to have to know you the new destinations in Bali 2017. Let’s visit.

  • Kanto Lampo Waterfall


Kanto Lampo is beautiful waterfall located in Beng Village, Gianyar Regency. Around 30 minutes from Denpasar City. To reach this place, the access is easy enough.This waterfall has a height of about 10 meters or more.Cool water and beautiful landscape make this waterfall worth to visit.

  • Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang

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A hidden canyon in Guwang Village ,Sukawati District ,Gianyar Regency who presents incredible views. The cliffs as high as 30 meters flanking river flow. Natural nuance beautiful and very calm.For you who like adventure, this place is perfect for you because if you want to reach this place you have to go down the steep stairs.

  • Bukit Asah Bugbug


Bukit Asah Bugbug is located in the village of Bugbug, Karangasem. This place presents the natural scenery of the sea, cliffs and greenery around it. This hill has a flat place (sharpening), so tourist can more relax enjoy the natural beauty that exists. The natural atmosphere is calm, away from the settlements of residents, suitable for the solitude and distance from the crowd. Has a flat place, so often functioned by visitors as a place to set up camp and overnight, the atmosphere of the night especially let alone nature is bright, quiet, on the hill accompanied by sparkling stars, and the waves will provide the most valuable tourist experience.

  • Bali Wake Park

bali,destination, culture,activity,new

As we known water sport game in Bali is famous in Tanjung Benoa, but now comes a new rides game water known as wake boarding. The located in Pesanggaran near the Benoa Port. The concept of this game combines skateboarding and surfing, which is quite interesting is water sport game in Bali Wake Park does not take into account the weather or The ocean waves, because this water sport is done on a 5-hectare artificial lake,. The player is connected with a rope whose speed can be adjusted and arranged by the operator. No need for experts even suitable for beginners who like challenges and try your courage to fight guts. To be more varied also provided a number of obstacles or challenges. The game can be done by 8 people at once

  • Secret Garden Village

secret garden village, new destination, bali,nature

This is the most recent resort in Bali compared to other recreational venues beginning in May 2016, offering a new concept of travel while offering education or knowledge. Secret Garden Village is located on the main highway of Denpasar towards Bedugul. So you are planning a tour from the direction of South Bali can easily organize your walk to this location. This recreation area presents new concepts ranging from unique building design to contemporary architecture blending modern and traditional Balinese elements, then introducing ancestral heritage culture about traditional cosmetic production from natural herbal ingredients, then processing high quality coffee powder from raw coffee beans to packed Using modern technological tools. In addition it offers a panorama of rice terraces as well as a cluster of hills that are still beautiful.

  • Upside Down World Bali

bali , destination , new , culture, nature

This new tourist attraction introduces a photo-taking place with the concept of flood, located on Bypass Ngurah Rai Street Denpasar, close to the tourism center of Kuta. Simply attractive all the rooms with original furniture are arranged or sometimes facing sideways, so when shooting in the photo, the result may be floating, walking on the ceiling or walking the room wall, minus position or head down. This latest tourist spot is destined to take the photo for sensational results, so for that prepare yourself would be the appearance, style and expression that is more animated for the work of your photos more leverage

The New Destinations in Bali 2017 –

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