Kertalangu Cultural Village

Untitled-1-kertalangu.jpgHappy friday good people, Great day to tell you about experience during holiday in Bali. The popularization of tourism in Bali indeed has been reach worldwide even has been approved in International world, in the era of 1990 and around tourist more recognized Bali than Indonesia. Start from its famous beach, exotic temples which are unbeatable over other places makes this island of God become favorite place for tourists. One of tourist attraction in Bali that can be visited by tourist is the cultural village, one of cultural village in Bali is Kertalangu Cultural Village.

Kertalangu Cultural Village is located not far from Denpasar city, the exact location is at By Pass Sanur, Kesiman area. Kertalangu Cultural Village is spotted in the middle of the lush rice paddy field, Kesiman Kertalangu Village, East Denpasar. There is a huge sign board when we entering this location. The unique and interesting thing of Kertalangu Cultural Village is its jogging track which is on the middle of rice paddy field.

Kertalangu Cultural Village actually is usual rice field area only with circular jogging track where can be used as a jogging area or only for strolling around while enjoying the scenery of rice field. The establishment of Kertalangu Cultural Village began with the worries of local people about they will lose the rice field area and change to be residence area.

Kertalangu Cultural Village was inaugurated on June, 2007 with total area of 70 hectares. Nowadays, Kertalangu Cultural Village is begin to be demand by local and international tourists where with the existence of Kertalangu Village, the farmers still can do their activities and also become a cultural tourism destination. The development of that cultural village is to increase the agriculture production quality, to keep the green rice paddy field, and empower the local people.

Untitled-2-kertalangu.jpgThere are many interesting activities that can be done in Kertalangu Cultural Village such as jogging, strolling, biking, fishing, outbound, horse riding, or family gathering. We can also sit on Bale Bengong while enjoy the foods and beverages. For jogging, the best timing is in the morning or evening by exploring jogging track with 4 kilometers long. The scenery of the village itself becomes the main panorama for those jogger / traveler in Kertalangu Cultural Village.

Kertalangu Cultural Village is also completed with supporting facilities for visitor. The facilities are following:

Lestari Jogging Track
Jogging track with the length and width of 4 km is located in the middle of rice field area to enjoy with family. We can see the farmer activities along the jogging track.

Balinese Art Centre (Undagi)
There are so many art/craft product such as ceramic, candle ornament, pottery, woodcraft, stonecraft where we can watch out the process of craft making from the beginning until the end.

Fish Pond
There is a fish pond with Bale Bengong where visitor can rent the fishing equipment and pay the fish that have been fished later on. The fish can be take home or cooked and eaten on the spot.


Kertalangu Cultural Village

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