Melanting Waterfall – Bali

untitled-3-mlntingMelanting waterfall are among Bali’s most scenic, located within Bali’s lush and forested central northern highland region. The falls are a highlight feature of the namesake village of Munduk in Buleleng, North Bali, reachable after a 300 m walk from the main road on which trekkers can enjoy soothing nature sights and sounds along a forest route. Only a short trek north from Munduk is Melanting waterfall, which offers similar features. Cool mists and the rushing sound of water greet you upon reaching the Munduk waterfall. Here you can wade into the rocky pool for a cold dip. A further (often dirt to slightly muddy) trek towards the Melanting waterfall leads you through a lush forest with rivers and nature calls before a bridge that actually traverses over the fall’s peak. Definitely for nature lovers, it’s all about venturing into Bali’s ‘wide side’ and these two falls serving as your prize.
At an altitude of approximately 850 m above sea level, the Melanting waterfalls neighbour local clove and coffee plantations that are also a sightseeing feature of this region. A famous plantation and resort here with luxury accommodation is the Munduk Moding Plantation, only half a kilometre southwest from the falls site. The best time to go on nature treks here is June to August, when it’s not too hot or drizzly.

Walking to the nature environment around Clove and Coffee Plantations. It takes about 500 meters walk from the parking. The waterfalls here are far more impressive than those at the more famous Gitgit. You could start from Moulding Plantation, to watch one of waterfall. Here, you can walk to the other waterfall. It is not really hard to get to the other one. If you are not sure the track, ask someone to guide you to the big one. On the big waterfall, you can go to swim, but the water is cold.


Melanting Waterfall – Bali

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