Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest

Untitled-3-als-kdton.jpgAlas Kedaton bali holy monkey forest temple is one of a hindu bali holy place, that also become a favorite tourism objects. Alas Kedaton sacred monkey forest is located right in the middle of a tropical rain forest in Tabanan regency. Literally name of Alas Kedaton comes from word of “Alas” means forest, and “Kedaton” means the place of palace (temple). Alas Kedaton monkey forest is located at Kutuh village, Marga district, Tabanan regency.

The monkey forest is usually an included itinerary on tours to Bali’s west, such as temple visits to the Taman Ayun Temple in Mengwi to admire the imposing architecture of the past, as well as the majestic sea temple of Tanah Lot. Tall local nutmeg trees are home to this band of monkeys, and the shady ambiance provides a refreshing intermediate tour stop. It is not advisable to purchase the peanuts and bananas sold for feeding the animals. These monkeys are wild animals and dependence upon hand-outs disrupts their natural feeding cycle. Also a steady diet of peanuts and bananas tends to fatten them. Secondly, if you are doling out the food at a pace that doesn’t suit any one of those lined up to receive it, they will grab quicker than lightning  and often bite to make you give up the tasty treats. The best rule of thumb to prevent teeth in your thumb is to ‘look but don’t touch’. If you want to take a photo shoot with the monkeys, on your shoulders perhaps, better be very still and let the animals approach you in the first place, rather than chasing them about. And always remember to stay calm. Return through the souvenir shops, stop for a drink or select one of the eateries outside the gate for a snack or meal. Ensure that your menu has prices, before you order. Otherwise, it’s practice time to hone your bargaining skills.

Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest

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