Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Untitled-1-lampo.jpgBali is the island of thousand temples and the beautiful scenery nature and also the friendly people. Bali has unique thing can we explain when holiday in Bali especially in traditional village. Bali village and the unique tradition is the favorite thing by the tourist. Bali is also famous by handicraft and the souvenir Bali also has many delicious and savory traditional foods and today i will tell you about one of waterfall in Bali. Besides the beach, Bali also has an idyllic waterfall. One of waterfalls in Bali tourist latest hits named Kanto Lampo Waterfall. Situated in Banjar Kelod Kangin, Beng village, Gianyar regency or about 30 kilometers from the center of Denpasar.
The specialty of this one latest tourist attractions in Bali is black rocks that are jumbled. This causes water crashed into the rocks and generates splashes of water from all sides so as to produce fascinating beauty.

Untitled-4-lampo.jpgThe atmosphere are still beautiful and cool surrounded by natural forests. The water was clear and clean, suitable as a place to unwind. Activities that you can not to miss here are take pictures with the background of Kanto Lampo Waterfall.
The facilities available in this new tourist attraction is quite adequate. Parking is provided large enough so that visitors who bring their four-wheeled vehicles can easily park his vehicle.

Near the parking area, there are vendors selling drinks and snacks. Some youths manning a simple bale to help or provide information to visitors. The price of admission to this attractions of 5,000 IDR/ person, so it’s very affordable for a weekend family picnic in the nature. You may bring swimsuits and be ready to get wet. The terrain is one of the easiest of all waterfalls in Bali, so it’s also suitable for children to visit. You can climb up the rocks on the waterfall to get pictures, but be sure your camera or phone is waterproof or well covered. If the tour here doesn’t satisfy you enough, there is another waterfall just 3 kilometres north so you can get two waterfalls in a day.


Kanto Lampo Waterfall

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