Atuh Beach Nusa Penida

Untitled-3-atuh.jpgBali offers amazing panorama or amazing view, If talking about Bali is the island of thousand temples and the beautiful scenery nature and also the friendly people. Bali has unique thing can we explain when holiday in Bali especially in traditional village. Bali village and the unique tradition is the favorite thing by the tourist. Bali is also famous by handicraft and the souvenir Bali also has many delicious and savory traditional foods. Today i will tell you about one of Beach in Bali. Atuh Beach is located in the beautiful bay with white sand and on the left side is Juntil Cape which is stick out into the sea and on the right side stick out into Labuan Ampuak continued to the east is located Gili Batu Melawang, Gili Batu Pedasan, Gili batu Abah and Gili Batu Metegen. On the end Easternmost of Juntil and Gili Padasan capes are really ideal because in front of the two capes are passed by alternating current from the north to the south (and on the other way) that is followed by groups of big or small fish, especially after and before the full moon and several days before and after Dark of Moon or Tilem, these days are the lucky days for fisherman’s.  Atuh  Beach located in Pejukutan village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung regency.

Untitled-2-atuh.jpgThe natural cave and the swallow nest can be found on the south side of Labuhan Ampuak. The swallow nest is the very rare commodity and the price is very expensive. In the mainland of Atuh Valley the situation of the land is very fertile and the Atuh Temple is located there, the temple is especially a place to worship to the God of the sea (the Segara Temple). The ceremony is held every sasih Kedasa or the tenth month of the Balinese calendar (saka) where the community came from Bendem Village and the Tanglad Village and the other village. The temple ceremony is done a full day.

It presented various dances, such as Baris Jangkang Pleilit dance, a mass dance that very sacred, the dance that depict the royal soldiers who are againts the enemy who come attacked. This dance is very rare and only can be seen in the Pelilit village. If we walk into the middle of the land, there is two holy wells with very clear and pure water. This fresh water possibly have best quality in all over the Nusa Penida region. Access to the Atuh Coast could be reached through two directions: from the Pelilit village (20 Km from the boot buyukpork) and continued by the land road approximately 2 Km to Kelodan Series (17 Km from Buyuk) and continued with approximately the land road 5 Km.


Atuh Beach Nusa Penida

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