Dream Beach

Untitled-1-dream.jpgLembongan island is one of Bali most popular attractions this island paradise is a world away from the pollution, hassles and hectic pace of Bali. There are no hawkers, no traffic, and magnificent scenery and is the perfect place to put your feet up and relax. Popular with families weary of travel warnings this island is a safe little spot to enjoy that perfect Bali Holiday. Nusa Lembongan is located in the east of Bali. The distance is about 10 kilometers from the tourist area of Sanur, Denpasar. Traveled to Nusa Lembongan can be done with a variety of sea transport.

The water is some of the clearest you can find and aqua blue in colors; good for diving and snorkeling. Surfing is crowded but nice waves. Nice coral sandy beach. Learn about the cosmetic seaweed farming industry. Now with the development of the hills this area is fast becoming the main attraction and provides some of the best accommodation on the island. The views from the accommodation on the hills are second to none on Nusa Lembongan and probably Bali.

untitled-3-dreamA two levels swimming pool adjacent to the panoramic of the ocean gives you an opportunity to feel the cool breeze while lay down on pool chair under Balinese umbrella. Having light meal, reading books or bathing that you can do in this area. The water is fresh, keep cool either in the day. Usage of swimming pool is available for outsiders against charge.

Dream beach  is located south coast of Lembongan Island situated to enjoy sunset, white sandy beach and enjoy your holiday in quietness call “Dream beach”  certainly lives up its name magical. This is a real beautiful, enchanting place and secret beach has this very relaxed atmosphere with huts complement café Pandan in front of the beach. The hut’s concept to follow Lumbung style in Bali is small exotic with special shape on the grass roof by simple huts.


Dream Beach

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