Japanese Cave Bali

untitled-3-goaGoa Jepang consists of 16 holes, built on the cliff wall, lane major road-Semarapura Denpasar, on the river/Tukad Bubuh. Cave/hole that lie at the northern and southern end of the cave that stands alone. While the 14 fruit again, in them related to each other, is connected by a corridor/hallway. What’s interesting about this cave is that Japan is very strategic location is a cave memories of Japanese colonial era and in front of interesting sights can be seen with her splashing Bubuh watershed.

The location of Goa Jepang can be reached easily because of its lane road in the direction-Semarapura Denpasar, precisely in the Banjar Koripan, Banjarangkan Village, Banjarangkan District, Klungkung regency. From Denpasar city spend time around 1 hour and from Gianyar and Candidasa spend time around 45 minutes.

Because the location is very strategic lane busy street, the cave is often a tourist visit, both tourists and foreign tourists.

untitled-2-goaCave which consists of 16 holes with a depth of 4 meters, two of which are not related to each other, the one located at the southern tip and one tip of the north, while others connected relationship and connected by a corridor stretching north toward South .  This kind of cave, but only consisted of a large hole was also found in the village of Nusa Penida Suana District which is intended to place the sea traffic surveillance in the Strait of Lombok.

When you happen to pass through the road leading to Semarapura via Gianyar town, you will see the caves on the right side under shady shrubs. In the meantime, across the caves sits a lovely garden to beautify the cave attraction. Then, an elephant statue perches on the west end of the bridge nearby.

Those caves were made right on the cliff over the Bubuh River around 1941 by Japanese troops. They were intended for protection against the attack of the Allies during the Japanese occupation in Indonesia. Similar caves were also built in some regions across the Island of Bali.


Japanese Cave Bali

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