Bukit Asah Karangasem Bali

Untitled-1-asah.jpgBali is one of the world’s tourist destinations. Besides having a beach a tourist attraction that has been known to foreign countries, Bali also has natural attractions mountains also no less beautiful with beach tourism. Attractions Bukit Asah is one of the attractions of the mountains that should be used as a tourist destination if you come to Bali. Places Bukit Asah is a blend of natural attractions mountains natural premises beautiful sea, so that from the top of the cliff you can see the beautiful hills Indonesian ocean of blue as far as the eye can see.

Bukit Asah location of tourist attractions located in East Bali, precisely in the Village Bugbug, Karangasem Bali. To reach this location is easy because the road to the location of these attractions already impassable by motor vehicles, both two wheels and four wheels. Only way to get to this location has not been paved. It is suggested that visitors use two-wheeled vehicles to reach this location.

If you come from the area of Ngurah Rai airport or Kuta beach only takes about 2 hours drive through the road by pass Prof Ida Bagus Mantra with a motor vehicle. The attractions that you can visit to Bukit Asah while the attraction Statue Titi Banda, beaches located along the road Ida Bagus Mantra, Bali Safari, Pura Goa Lawah Beach and Candidasa. Attraction of Candidasa Beach to Bukit Asah only takes about 30 minutes journey. Having reached the village of Bugbug then you will find a signpost directions to attractions Bukit Asah.

Untitled-4-asah.jpgBefore heading to the first sights you will be charged Rp. 2000 per person which is managed by the local community. Payment of a levy must travel approximately 500 meters.There are two locations that you can visit in Bukit Asah. When entering the fork in the road is still a land, if you turn right it will be towards a steep cliff with a beautiful view of the sea and underneath there Bugbug beach with palm trees verdant. At this location we could watch the sunrise and sunset, so travelers often perform camping activities just to be able to watch the sunrise.

When entering the fork in the road is still a land, if you turn left you can also see the open sea from the cliff top just mountain side lower than on the right, and from here you can go to the beach Virgin or Turkish Perasi truly beautiful and famous to foreign countries as a spot for surfing.If you are hungry or thirsty do not have to worry, because this location is already available stalls selling snacks and drinks like noodles, snacks, and soft drinks.

Almost every day there are more tourists both local and foreign tourists who visit tourist attractions grinding hill. There were just taking pictures and perform camping activities. How?? You are interested in visiting the attractions of the hill teasers? Please prepare yourself for the attractions visited hill sharpening. The attractions near the hill sharpening attraction Virgin Beach, Beach Candidasa, Ujung Sukasada, and Taman Tirta Ganga.



  • If you are still confused looking hillside location grindstones, please ask the locals, you will be given instructions for the locals friendly road-friendly.
  • Try to come there do during the rainy season because the vehicle you are prone to slip due to the muddy road.
  • If you want to camp, do not dispose of rubbish waste
  • Try using motorcycles (two-wheel) in order to more easily reach the intended location. But it can also be accessed by car, it’s just that your trip will be followed later by foot. To get to the cliff location (turn right) a distance of approximately 100 meters, whereas to the location to the left will cover a distance of approximately 500 meters.
Bukit Asah Karangasem Bali

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