Watu Klotok Temple

Untitled-3-watu.jpgWatu Klotok Beach is located in Banjar tick, Tojan village, Klungkung regency, Bali. Watu Klotok beach is located 5 km from the town Semarapura to the south. This klotok Watu beach black sand beach where Watu Klotok very interesting to visit because of the background scenery of rice fields with Mount Agung which is visible in the distance and the stretch of sea.

In watu klotok many residents around making crafts such as flower pots decorated with small stones from the seaside this beach or for flooring decoration. Balinese people usually call this small rocks “rocks brush” ( batu sikat ) small gravel stones that are used to make ornaments or rocks made of stone flooring that this brush.

Untitled-1-watu.jpgIn Watu Klotok beach location there is a temple of the same name with its beach, Pura Watu Klotok temple. The history of the temple is when MPU Kuturan sacred journey to Bali in the 10th century BC. Klotok Watu temple is one of the very famous temples in Klungkung area. In addition to being one of the celestial universe, Watu Klotok temple is also often used as a center pesucian Ida Batara Besakih.

Watu Klotok beach as one of the attractions in the area is expected to lift the economy klungkung local community there and can make the area klungkung become one of the tourists on holiday with beautiful beaches. In addition to beautiful beaches klungkung city is famous for its arts and Kamasan village is the cave where Japanese history and Kerta Gosa and with all of these attractions are expected klungkung will continue to be sought by the tourists.

The temple is one of three temples visited during the ritual ‘melasti’ procession. This procession represents the passage of the devas (manifestations of the gods). The other two temples visited during this procession are Tegal Suci and Toya Sah.






Watu Klotok Temple

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