Chocolate Factory Bali

Untitled-2-coklt.jpgExplore The East Bali!!! You probably wouldn’t expect to find a chocolate factory on a remote beach in Bali, but that’s exactly what Charlie’s Chocolate Factory in Karangasem is. Located just 15 minutes north of Candidasa in the small village of Jasri, several wacky bamboo structures lie nestled below swaying coconut trees. From Ngurah Rai International airport spend time around 2 hours 30 minutes and from Ubud spend time around 1 hour 30 minutes.

The factory was built by a US expat named what else but, Charlie. Cacoa beans grown locally on the island are cold pressed to make healthy, raw, dark chocolate. With a cacoa content of 85%, the chocolate is also rich in magnesium and full of anti-oxidants.

Chocolate tasting is available in one of the unassuming buildings and there’s also a small soap studio that sells gorgeous handmade soaps. There isn’t a huge variety of chocolate for sale – Narkabo Chocolate Nibbles is an organic dark chocolate available with 69% or 85% cacoa, while Bali Krunch is a bar of sweet, crunchy rice coated in dark chocolate.

Untitled-4-coklt.jpgSee, feel, smell and taste the transformation of organic Balinese cocoa pods. Starting with the cocoa tree, where you’ll learn about organic farming and follow the fascinating cocoa pod on its journey from flower to fruit to harvest. Eat fresh cocoa beans straight from the pod, witness the fermenting and drying process, and taste freshly roasted cocoa nibs.
Watch the factory spring into action as you continue with grinding and crunching beans, then onto the tempering process – the most fun part – where hot liquid chocolate is poured onto a granite table and worked to smooth, rich perfection.

Stroll beneath the branches of a cacao tree, find out how cocoa is transformed into indulgently sweet treats, and chat with farmers about the growing process. Along the way, sit down for a tasty lunch of typical Indonesian fare and try your own hand at chocolate making at the Pod Chocolate Factory.

Enjoy convenient pickup directly from your South Bali or Ubud hotel and ride to Bali’s hinterland, where rolling hills and verdant rice paddies create a vibrant green landscape. Cruise through the Bali Elephant Camp, keeping your eyes peeled for glimpses of a few twisting trunks, and reach a local cacao plantation, where you meet up with a local farmer for a behind-the-scenes tour.


Chocolate Factory Bali

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