Campuhan Waterfall

Untitled-2-cmpuhan.jpgExplore The North Bali!!! Campuhan Waterfall in the Balinese language Campuhan means ‘mixed’. As the name suggests, this waterfall is a mixture two creeks with waterfalls sources there are 3 springs. Niagara Campuhan which has a height of about 45 m is also known as the twin waterfalls, the name is derived from two adjacent waterfall that looks twins. Under the waterfall there is a small pond with water so clear and cold. The waterfall is protected in between narrow cliffs and surrounded by green trees so that the atmosphere around the waterfall is rather dark. Campuhan waterfall is located in Gitgit village, Sukasada District, Buleleng regency. Located about 15 miles or 45 minutes drive from the tourist area Bedugul or 66 km from Denpasar to the condition of the road winding through the Yellow Temple. If from Sekumpul waterfall distance of about 20 km.

Untitled-3-cmpuhan.jpgDo not be confused and even worry if you are never heard about gitgit waterfall. Campuhan Twin waterfall is the different place, in Gitgit you will find 2 waterfalls, and one of them is on our discussion this time.
Actually, Campuhan waterfall is having 3 large sized waterfalls. The positions of these waterfalls are in stars and are far away each other. One of the waterfalls which are most famous and often used for swimming is the top one, it is the twin one. That is why it is called as twin. Entrance fee in Campuhan waterfall around IDR 5.000/person.

When you are in the first time of parking the vehicle, there will be a walkway that has been made and directly drive you to the waterfall. The journey will not make you feel so tired because the arrangement of the walkway is good enough. You can even look at Singaraja city when the weather is fine. There are some types of flowers that are available especially when the weather is good.

Around the Campuhan waterfall, you can also find some traditional stores. You can order cups of coffee or even the hot tea as the way to against the cold weather around. Hopefully these explanation and guide can help you very much in finding the place. Happy travelling and enjoy Bali!8101514826_27c6d995cf_b.jpg

Campuhan Waterfall

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