Putung Village

Untitled-2-putung.jpgExplore The East Bali!!! Putung village Bali a place located on a plateau in the village of East Duda, District Strait, Karangasem, presenting the natural landscape of hills and valleys, presented complete expanse of verdant nature, filled with cash income salak this village, mountains covered with tropical forests also extends in front of the eyes combined with a sea view, clearly visible in the distance the village area Buitan Manggis. From Ngurah Rai International Airport spend time around 2 hours and about 64 km from Denpasar and about 20 km from Amlapura Karangasem.

Untitled-3-putung.jpgThe name of Putung is taken from the word of Putung mean disconnect. Furthermore, the story is begun from a powerful priest who live with abundant wealth that made the local society jealous and anted to seize all the wealth even want to kill him. Hence, the priest strongly react and he very angry and curse to the local society. Before the priest die, he has cursed the local society especially for all mans to die without having new children. So, this circumstance makes the villagers loss of new generations. Therefore, the name of this village slow down called by Putung (lost generation). This village is become popular because of the masterpiece from the world painter, Christiano. Moreover, he is living in this village and married with local girl. Meanwhile, his paintings has taken much inspiration from the beautiful Putung landscape.

untitled-4-putungPutung Village is a beautiful place with natural scenery with magnificent view of Indian Ocean. Because, the green hill surround  it to add more values of scenery that captivate the tourist to come. You can also find the beautiful valley and the Labuhan Buitan Amuk in long distance. Meanwhile, Nusa Penida Island is just apposite to Bali Island and also viewed from this village.

Amok Labuhan beach also looks with turquoise water dhiasi fishing boat, which also became a place of recreation submarine Submarine Odyssey, as well as islands of Nusa Penida clearly visible from here, all beautifully integrated into the real nature painting, so perfect in the hands of the creator masterpiece Almighty. Really scenic hilltop, made amazed every visitor.


Putung Village

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