Beautiful Place in Bali

Untitled-2-bloo.jpgExplore The East Bali!!! Bloo Lagoon Beach is a small beautiful white sandy beach situated in the tranquility of Padang Bai Karangasem, east part of Bali. Bloo Lagoon Beach is located in Manggis district, Karangasem regency. From Ngurah Rai International airport spend time around 1 hours 41 minutes. From Denpasar city around 44 km and spend time 1 hours 16 minutes.

Bloo Lagoon Beach is on the east side of Bali and it took us about 1.5 hours from Kuta just to drive there. But the beach was worth it – it was like a hidden paradise. Bloo Lagoon Beach is clean and water is quite sheer so it’s easy to see what’s underneath. Another good thing, there are not many people there

Untitled-3-bloo.jpgBloo Lagoon Beach located approximately one hour and a half from Denpasar International Airport, Padangbai is a busy port where most people take the ferry to/from Lombok and onwards to the Gilis, Komodo Islands and Flores. With its beautiful setting, small, unspoiled village feel, it must qualify as one of the most attractive port towns in the world. At the northern end of the town sits the eleventh century Pura Silayukti Temple and just beyond it lies the Blue Lagoon, a small white sand beach great for snorkeling, diving and relaxing in the local warungs.

Blue Lagoon Beach is close to Padangbai harbour. Known as an underwater paradise, the water is warm and the marine life is abundant. You may well see clouds of ultraviolet fish daubed with splashes of luminous orange, followed by shoals of black fish with tails shaped like the head of a spanner, you might even see a fish in a leopard-print coat, and if you look carefully, you will notice cleverly camouflaged creatures hiding in the reef crevices. The coastline borders a coral garden where you can snorkel among psychedelic fish. Padangbai is a major harbour for ferries to Lombok as well as for smaller boats to Nusa Penida. It is a very picturesque village, with semi-circular hills surrounding a sparkling blue bay. It is also home to a famous temple, Pura Silayukti, where the Buddhist sage Mpu Kuturan is said to have lived in the 11th century.

Snorkeling Spots in Bloo Lagoon Beach

Untitled-4-bloo.jpgBloo Lagoon Beach is a perfect beach for snorkeling and diving adventure due to the beach is well featured by the beautiful coral reef with plenty of colorful fishes living freely in underwater. It is blessed by the wonderful underwater view that captivates many people to come and visit this spot.  The best way to enter Bloo Lagoon Snorkeling Spot is from the left side where the canal is with coral reef to make your snorkeling trip easily. There are two restaurants offering with affordable prices with other rental facilities includes showers, chairs and snorkeling gear. Several freelance clothe sellers will be nice to offer you the changing clothes or sarong or local souvenirs that you may purchase at your convenience. Please be careful when swimming at this beach since the coral reef underwater in particular on water break could be slippery and injured. Beware of the current and remember basic safety rules, such as never to go for snorkeling alone and not go for swimming to far from the seashore which you do not know. There are many local boats can be hired to go for snorkeling at Bloo Lagoon Beach which is relatively safety (recommended) includes the snorkeling gears are available.


Beautiful Place in Bali

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