The Oldest Village in Bali “Sembiran Village”

Untitled-2-desa.jpgExplore The North Bali!!! In Buleleng regency has the oldest village there is Sembiran village. Sembiran village is the oldest village originating in the megalithic century located on the hills in the Tejakula sub district, Buleleng regency about 30 km east of the town of Singaraja. From Ngurah Rai International Airport spend time around 3 hours and from Denpasar city spend time around 2 hours 40 minutes.

Once entering the front side of the village, the whole house is designed in such a way towering upward to follow the contours of the hills.

Untitled-3-desa.jpgOne of Bali’s indigenous Aga villages that was in existence prior to the Majapahit Empire that brought Hinduism to Bali and that still practices many ancient traditions, the most significant of which of which were their burial rites.  Rather than cremating their dead in ngaben ceremonies like the rest of Bali, this village of 6000 used to simply lay their dead out on the ground with simple offering. This has changed since 1961, but the villagers of today are charged with the custody of 17 megalithic artifacts that are housed in the 20 village temples. They are also charged with the preservation of several sacred dances such as the Rejang Sembiran, Baris Dadap, Baris Presi and Baris Jojor that are only performed on specific auspicious days.  The famous Balinese musical instrument, the gamelan, is made here. The Buleleng administration has designated the ancient village as one of its main tourism destinations. It has assisted the villagers in constructing a traditional house fully equipped with various traditional tools. Visitors can spend the night in the house.

The village is unique because it is between the sea to the north and the mountains to the south. Therefore it seems as if the hills are guarding the houses below. Some archaeologists have also found some ancient human fossils here.Untitled-4-desa.jpg


The Oldest Village in Bali “Sembiran Village”

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