The Beauty of Beji Sangsit Temple

Untitled-2-beji.jpgCultural tourism in Buleleng is interesting as we have many temples, one of these is Beji temple. Some say this is the largest temple and Subak temple in North Bali. This temple is located in Sangsit village, Sawan district, Buleleng regency and it is about 8 km east of Singaraja and about 500 m to the beach from the main road. From Singaraja city spend time around 25 minutes and from Denpasar and Tabanan spend time around 2,5 hours.

Untitled-3-beji.jpgIt is easily accessible by any type of motor vehicle and if you are in Lovina it will probably take you just under 30 minutes to get there. For local people this temple is known as Pura Subak ( Subak Temple), Subak here refers to the organization for water supply or irrigation. Subak temple is a holy place and here you can worship Dewi Sri the Goddess of rice and the symbol of prosperity.

Untitled-4-beji.jpgVillage elders tell us that the village temple is presumed to have belonged to “Pura Desa Adat Sangsit” and it is the village temple of Sangsit a traditional village. The temple is picturesque and full of ornamental carvings mostly in the form of rambling plants and floral motives as is the typical style of Buleleng. The most significant thing in this temple is that every surface has a carving so it is extremely artistic. Moreover all of the carvings are painted thus making this colorful temple very unique. There is no clear evidence as to when this temple was built, but historians state that in was in the XV century during the Majapahit Kingdom period centered in Java. As with other temples on Bali it is divided into three courtyards, the outer courtyard then the middle and inner courtyard. At the outer courtyard you will find 2 dragon statues that symbolize the temple guards and upon entering the temple you are advised to wear sarong and sash.

The Beauty of Beji Sangsit Temple

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