Buleleng Ex Harbor with Beautiful View

Untitled-2-ex.jpgExplore The North Bali!!! Buleleng harbor located about 2.5 kilometers north central town of singaraja. If departing from Singaraja city center, it takes approximately 15 minutes to reach this port. But if departure from Ngurah Rai International Airport, the trip can be taken with a time of about 3.5 hours.

To be able to enter the port of Buleleng, you do not need to reach the pockets to deep. Simply by paying parking fee for motor cycle is IDR 1000 and IDR 2000 for car, then you can enjoy the panoramic harbor views. Since the center of the provincial of Bali has moved to south in about 1950s, triumph port of Buleleng gradually disappear. Harbor the first time to the place of loading and unloading of goods and transit of foreign cruise ships carrying tourists, is now history. Old buildings that had a silent witness to the triumph of the port, left empty and leave only memories.

Untitled-3-ex.jpgAlthough not in use any more, there are still many old warehouses in the harbor district that date back to the Dutch colonial times. Before the opening of the international airport Ngurah Rai at Denpasar/Kuta in the 1970’s, Singaraja was the main entrance port for tourists to Bali, where cruise ships with adventurous tourists used to land regularly. In addition to the Dutch heritage there are remnants of Chinese and muslim influence. The descendants of the Chinese, Arab, and Bugis settlers still live in the harbor district in areas nicknamed Kampoeng Arab and Kampong Bugis.

Besides enjoying the beautiful panorama, tour the port of Buleleng can be enjoyed in many ways. Usually, on Sunday morning people use the port to perform light exercise activities such as gymnastics, jogging or just enjoying the fresh air in the morning, accompanied by the warmth of the sun. the fishing mania can channel his hobby on a concrete slab that juts into the sea. In addition, the fishing is also available at the end of the floating restaurant. Besides fishing, panoramic sunset in the port of Buleleng is not less beautiful with in other beaches.

Buleleng Ex Harbor with Beautiful View

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