Special Spring in Bali

Untitled-2-sanihExplore The North Bali !!!Even though Bali is well known with beautiful beaches, we suggest you not only spend your time at the beach, because in Bali, there are also many interesting tourism destinations.  When you traveling to the north part of Bali, you may have the opportunities to enjoy the pool with fresh water and surrounded by the tropical atmosphere. One of them is Yeh Sanih Swimming pool.

Yeh Sanih Swimming pool Bali  is located at  Sanih village, Kubutambahan district, Buleleng regency. From Ngurah Rai International airport spend time around 3 hours 25 minutes and around 17 kilometers in the East of Singaraja city. From Denpasar city around 78 kilometers.  Yeh Sanih means Sanih water. Yeh in Balinese language means water. The difference between Yeh Sanih swimming pool and other swimming pools in Bali its water which is natural. The water in Sanih swimming pool comes from original spring called ‘Yeh Kelebutan’.

Untitled-3-sanihYeh Sanih swimming pool consist of two pool. One pool is for adult which is 1,5 meter deep and one pool for kid which is only 0,5 meter deep. Yeh Sanih swimming pool has its own uniqueness because its water is not salty, although its location is close to Lovina beach. Besides that, there is a myth that if young couple swim at Yeh Sanih, so their relationship will be long lasting.this myth is still believed until now. Yeh Sanih swimming pool location is not far from Lovina beach, so if you come to the pool, you can also visit this beach. It is one of the favorite places to visit by local people who want to swim in the natural pool with tropical plantation surround it.

Entrance fee Yeh Sanih swimming pool is, IDR 4.000/adult and IDR 2.000/children. And, you can rent a locker there about price for rent around IDR 5.000/locker. Yeh Sanih is opened daily from 08:00 am – 18:00 pm.


Special Spring in Bali

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