Caveman Museum Gilimanuk

Untitled-3-museum.jpgExplore The West Bali !!! Balinese tourism not only concentrated in nature, beach, river, mountain, valley, rice fields but also is other aspect like arts, culture, religion and many more. Some tourist especially who has interest in art, culture or history. Some place like Open stage for art and culture show, museum, temple and other place in Bali show that the land of gods taking this thing seriously.

What we will discuss here is the existence of museum where tourist love to visit because if its history, old time things and other. And Caveman Museum Gilimanuk.

Is one of the museum that tourist have to visit in Jembrana. This museum is unique and different with other museum in the collection of the museum. This Museum keep like its name, things of old times which has high historical value. The existence of this museum itself because of the discovery of hundreds of caveman and their stock  which came from  prehistory. Many kinds of human bone that found has the characteristic of Mongoloid. In the museum there are hundreds of collection, they are 137 human bones, 73 accessories collection, small cooking pot, bracelet made of sticks and shells,  small water jar, large water jar, dirt bowl, fish hook, hoe, and sarcophagus. This museum built with 3 floors with its function.

Untitled-4-museum.jpgThe first floor is used to keep the human skeletons and sarcophagus that has been 100 years old. Every cavemen is shaped like a baby. It is done because people believed that human cycle of life is divided by three they are born, life and die.

In the second floor, bronze hoe is kept that usually used for plowing the rice field, hunting and buried with the owner. This hoe is equipped with dirt vessel, accessories, axe and other tools for hunting.

Untitled-5-museum.jpgIn the third floor use to keep kitchen set like plate, shell, dirt vessel, and many accessories like earrings and many more that loved by the cavemen.

No wonder, by visiting the museum you can get many knowledge about cavemen and their derivation (Way of life, survival tools and many more). With this museum the facility in Jembrana is more complete so tourist have a lot of choice when visiting Jembrana. In school days this museum is crowded with students from elementary to high school to study.

The museum operated from 08.00 am – 16.00 pm and closed due weekend. For you who want to visit the museum you will not be charged except you want to help by giving some.The location of the museum is in Gilimanuk, Melaya district, Jembrana regency, Bali. From Ngurah Rai International Airport spend time around 4 hours. From Denpasar city around 106 km.

Some destination near this museum is West Bali National Park, Sea ways monument and many more. For the accommodation, there are a lot pf place to stay that you can choose based on your own.Untitled-2-museum



Caveman Museum Gilimanuk

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