Beach with Beautiful Harbour “Candikusuma Beach”

Untitled-2-cndksm.jpgExplore The West Bali !!!Bali is famous for its many beautiful beaches. Many of the tourists who visited Bali, because watching the sunset or sunrise on the beach are hard to forget. Candikusuma beach is one of the many beaches that draw the attention of foreign and domestic tourists who want to truly enjoy the natural beauty of the exotic. In Candikusuma Beach there are two temples, Indra Kusuma temple and Taman Sumur Bulus. Candikusuma beach is located at Melaya, Jembrana regency. From Denpasar city spend time around 3 hours and from Ngurah Rai International airport spend time around 3 hours 40 minutes.

Candikusuma beach is known for its beautiful black sand and the gentle hills permeating the beach.Recognized by many visitors that the beach Candikusuma good enough for swimming or bathing because its waters are clean and intact. Candikusuma worthy of being a priority for anyone who wants a quiet atmosphere and beautiful beaches to unwind from the momentarily encountered problems in your life.

Untitled-3-cndksmAround Candikusuma Beach was not only present the exoticism of the waves, but also available historical relics in the form of a triangular shaped monument that supposedly according to the saga of people around the monument that was once out of the keris is capable of emitting light. So, feel complete Candikusuma Coast travel because not only physical satisfaction obtained, but also the inner satisfaction with the tour history at the obelisk shaped triangle.

Coast Candikusuma also often as a spot / arena fishing by locals that the beach is a favorite because there is a boat dock owned company boat breeding pearl oysters are often used as a gathering place of many fish.Many local people who depend of fishing activity, but along with presence of pearl mussel breeding cages companies make the majority of them switched professions to become breeders at the company. This is understandable considering income as fishermen less than if they are employees in the captive breeding of pearl oysters.

Fishing usually done in the afternoon when the sun was not too oppressive, even all enjoy the beautiful evening skyline.


Beach with Beautiful Harbour “Candikusuma Beach”

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