Home of Balinese Bird

Untitled-2-jalak.jpgExplore The West Bali !!! You know typical bird Bali, that is Bali starling in West Bali National Park.West Bali National Park located at Buleleng regency and approximately 2 km from Gilimanuk seaport and a three hours from Denpasar city and from Ngurah Rai International Airport spend time around 4 hours 10 minutes.

Untitled-4-jalak.jpgWest Bali National Park features unique ecosystems which are also the original habitat of the endangered Bali Starling.West Bali National Park boundary includes open savannahs, dense rainforests, mangrove, swamps, and coral reefs, and includes a small island reserve off the north coast of Bali, Menjangan Island, which is also referred to as ‘Deer Island’. The Park is home to over 300 different species of animals and birds, like banteng, barn swallow, black naped oriole, black racket tailed treepie, crested serpent eagle, crested treeswift, dollar bird, hawksbill turtle, Indian muntjac, java sparrow, javan lutung, large flying fox, leopard park, lesser adjutant, long tailed shrike, milky stork, pacific swallow, red rumped swallow, rusa deer, sacred kingfisher, savanna nightjar, stork billed, kingfisher, water monitor, wild boar, yellow vented bulbul, and the most particularly the endangered starling.

Good to Know West Bali National Park, Ecotourism facilities include a number of attractions within and around the West Bali National Park margins. Inside are several ancient temples, and various shelters are spread out within the park. A national park information center can be found along the Jalan Raya Cekik Gilimanuk road. And other attractions such as temples and historical sites can be found near the port, such as the Archaeological Museum or Museum Purbakala.

Untitled-3-jalak.jpgAs it is a protected region, each visitor requires a permit to enter the national park. The main zones are restricted access areas meant only for scientific research. The jungle zone supports the main zone, where only limited ecotourism is permitted. The Intensive Utility zone is where ecotourism infrastructures and other facilities are allowed especially those that support conservation.

The last zone, the cultural utility zone, allows for cultural and religious activities to be carried out accordingly. These zones include Menjangan Island, Terima Bay, Prapat Agung, Bakungan, and Klatakan. Tourism activities here include snorkelling, sightseeing on outriggers, diving, trekking, bird watching, and many other options.Untitled-5-jalak.jpg


Home of Balinese Bird

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