Conservation of Turtle in “Perancak Beach”

Untitled-3-prncak.jpgExplore The West Bali !!! Teluk Benoa turtle conservation is the famous one, but people rarely know there is also another place that is in “Perancak Beach”. Perancak Beach is located in Perancak Village, about 10 km away from the North West of Tegal Cangkring Village, Negara District, Jembrana Regency. It is about 98 km from Denpasar City. From Ngurah Rai International Airport spend time around 3 hours 20 minutes.To get there, you can follow the main road of Denpasar City heading to Gilimanuk Sea Port.

Perancak Tourism is a beautiful tourist attraction, the beach is decorated by fishing boats is a distinctive beauty to be enjoyed. Here also there are theme parks that have Motor Cross and Road Race circuit facilities, here is great for a vacation. Every year Perancak sights to be a place for traditional rowing boat races are usually coupled with the anniversary of Negara regency.

Untitled-2-prncak.jpgIn the village there is a place for Sea Turtle Preservation of “Dates Asih” because Perancak Beach is great for Turtle to plating their eggs. Here is also can enjoy the beauty of beaches and disposal activities Hatchlings / Son of the Sea Turtle. Some of the guests staying in villas in Bali usually come with a rental car from Bali car rental, they came specifically to attend the release of hatchlings into the sea.

Besides the conservation of turtles in the village there are also Perancak Marine Technology Research Center, Earth station NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) which serves to determine points of the gathering of fish in the sea that is monitored from satellite. At the same location tourists also can see the expanse of mangrove plants of diverse types. In the village there is also a distillery Perancak sea water into mineral water that is Megumi High levels of oxygen.Untitled-4-prncak.jpg



Conservation of Turtle in “Perancak Beach”

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