Beautiful Dam in West Bali

Untitled-1-bndngn.jpgIn West Bali have beautiful dam, there is “Palasari Dam”. To provide the limited water source, people wonder how will they get enough supply of water for their rice fields. Therefore the DAM was built  and called with Palasari Dam, located in Palasari, Ekasari village, Melaya sub-district, Jembrana regency, Bali about 26 km west of Negara city. This dam backgrounded by forest with cool breeze that makes this place good for water and forest destination. From Denpasar city spend time around 3 hours and from Singaraja and Tabanan regency spend time around 2 hours. Palasari dam offers a view of tranquil and beautiful scene with backdrop setting of trees and green foliage, Bali blue mountains, alluring hills landscape and dramatic sky.

Untitled-3-bndngn.jpgPalasari dam was built in April 1986 until 1989.  The purpose of this dam was to control flooding and irrigation. The dam is surrounded by the green natural forest within the cool refreshing air. And the dam also good for fresh water fishes like gurame, catfish and many more. You can satisfied your fishing hobby here. A traditional small boat is provided for visitors who want to go around the dam. Mean while,  it is quite accessible to get into this area. The road has already asphalted. Beside the function as irrigation. The also used as tourism destination. Not only for eyes need, motor-cross rider or off-road rider also enjoy the area around the dam and sometimes there is a competition too.Untitled-4-bndngn.jpg

The existence of Palasari dam and the dam also affect micro-climatic conditions. This large man made water storage may increase humidity and reducing extreme temperature. In addition, this reservoir also functioned as a tourist spot to enjoy the panoramic beauty. There are also homestays for visitor who wants to spend the night. Not so far from the dam there is a villa named Taman Wana with spa. But if you want a more reachable place you may go to Klarisa Hotel near the Candikusuma beach.





Beautiful Dam in West Bali

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