Delod Berawah Beach with Mermaid Statue

Untitled-2-dlod.jpgWest of Bali area have many beautiful beaches and many temples. Now, I would like to tell you about beach  in Jembrana regency.  Delod Berawah beach can easily be reached from sub district of Delod Berawah village, Mendoyo district, Jembrana regency, Bali. From Denpasar city around 88 km and from Ngurah Rai International airport spend time around 3,5 hours.  From Denpasar city and Singaraja regency spend time around 3 hours and from Tabanan regency spend time around 1,5 hours.

Untitled-4-dlod.jpgIt is about 1,5 km to the south from Tegal Cangkring through extensive rice field often visited by flock of herons and storks. Delod Berawah beach is a sloping, black sandy beach, and ideal location for recreation and swimming. The black color comes from the natural process, especially the swampy (called Berawah in Balinese) area nearby. So then, the people who live on the north side called the newly formed village Delod Berawah south of the swampy area. On the north side of the Delod Berawah Beach is a former rice field where traditional water buffalo race called Makepung is regularly held. This is such an attraction only to be found in Jembrana.

Untitled-3-dlod.jpgTo support tourism activities on the beach Delod Berawah beach Jembrana district government already provides facilities-public facilities such as a large parking area, a sitting area to enjoy the beauty of the beach, dining, and lodging. In addition, the local government also provides sea water swimming pool is located on the waterfront called Tirta Ocean Recreation Park Delod Brawah. To swim in this pool you will be charged the entrance fee of  IDR 5.000 for adults and for children charged IDR 3.000.

Crowd around the beach Delod Brawah beach not only occur during the day, even at night around the beach is decorated with sparkling lights and the sound of music fused with waves coming from the night entertainment places that are around the coast. In addition to beach tourism Delod Berawah Beach, Jembrana district also has other interesting sights such as Yeh Leh Beach, Park City Pecangakan, Benel Dams and Dam Palasari. Please take your time to visit the attraction.


Delod Berawah Beach with Mermaid Statue

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