Sunrise in North of Bali

Untitled-1-lovina.jpgBeautiful beach in north of Bali with many dolphin in the morning and located at Buleleng regency. From Denpasar around 100 km and spend time around 2 hours with winding road. This whole stretch of beaches is called ‘Lovina Beach’; however per tradition ‘Central Lovina’ can still be found around the location where once Pandji Tisna’s beach guesthouse could be found. Binaria Square with its dolphin statue as an obvious landmark marks the ‘center’ of Lovina nowadays. In this area you will also find most of Lovina’s night life, a concentration of restaurants, bars and disco’s.

Untitled-2-lovina.jpgA little about the beaches and the sea of Lovina Beach. The beaches of Lovina are unique in its kind and very characteristic through the black sand which was deposited in ancient times by enormous volcanic eruptions in the Bedugul area.  The coastal area of Lovina is rural; one will regularly encounter farm land and rice fields bordering the beaches, with villages amidst coconut, banana and mango plantations along the mountain side of the main road that runs parallel to the coast between Singaraja and Seririt. The beaches of Lovina are situated at a bay with shallow water and are protected by coral reef. There are no dangerous currents in the sea of Lovina and therefore it is very safe for swimming and snorkeling. For this reason Lovina appeals especially to families with children.

Lovina Beach is described as a quiet touristic center where every morning around sunset one can sail out in outriggers (boats of local fishermen) to spot hundreds of dolphins at sea, which is not only unique to wonderful Bali’s nature but also to other parts of the world where dolphins can be sighted. However, the Lovina area has much more to offer. There is a lot of choice of activities and leasure on the field of culture and nature. There are amazing possibilities for jungle trekking through pristine forest with impressive waterfalls, rice fields and plantations, several destinations for snorkeling and diving, there are some  beautiful mountain lakes, the culture of North Bali is unique and very different from other parts of Bali The people of North Bali are very friendly and their hospitality is exceptional. For entrance fee is free and just pay for parking area IDR 5.000/car, IDR 2.000/motorcycle and IDR 10.000/bus. You can also rent a boat to see the dolphins for 4-5/pax around IDR 60.000/boat.Untitled-3-lovina.jpg

Sunrise in North of Bali

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