Temple of The Ancient Tree

Untitled-1-khenMost people come to Bangli to visit Kehen Temple or Pura Kehen one of Bali’s more impressive  temples and of tke most beautiful set on a wooded hillside about 2 km to the north of the town centre. Kehen Temple located at Campaga village, north of Bangli. From Ngurah Rai International airport spend time around 2 hours 10 minutes. The Kehen temple located around 43 km from Denpasar. But it is easily to reach from Ubud that is around 40 minutes. The temple is on the back road to Besakih and Panelokan village. Kehen temple is  a beautiful secret Hindu temple in Bangli.

Untitled-3-khen.jpgKehen temple usually said by peoples as the miniature version of the Besakih temple and also and 8 terraces. The temple is the biggest and finest temple in East Bali. One of greatly attracts attention in the temple is a big old Banyan Tree that have been over 700 years old. The temple believed as the most sacred temple of the region and serves as the state temple of Bangli. So it’s become one of the most important temples in the region, many religious ceremonies taken place here.

The existence of the inscription at Kehen Temple can be explained as follows:

  • Kehen Temple Inscription ‘A’ is mentioning the existence of 3 sanctums those are Hyang Api, Hyang Tanda, and Hyang Karimama
  • Kehen Temple Inscription ‘B’ from 11 century is mentioning the empire functionary that is the Senapati Kuturan pu Kandara and it elaborate with the anathema words in oath
  • The Inscription from 13 century (year 1204 M) is mentioning Hyang Kehen and Hyang Wukir. At the moment Hyang Kehen is equal to Kehen Temple and Hyang Wukir is Puncak Bukit Bangli Temple .

The temple festival can be divided into 2 types those are Piodalan Ceremony which is executed every 6 month, that is on Wednesday Keliwon Sinta (Balinese Calendar) and Ngusaba Ceremony which is executed every 5 years.

Entrance fee to Kehen Temple around IDR 15.000/pax  and open from 9 am – 5 pm.Untitled-2-khen.jpg

Temple of The Ancient Tree

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