Sacred Water Spring in Sebatu Temple

Untitled-1-sbtGianyar regency is one regency that many had a shrine or temple to cleanse themselves to the people of Bali who especially is Hindus. From Ngurah Rai International Airport spend time around 1 hour 40 minutes.  This place can be visited easily through Peliatan village or through Tampak Siring, with beautiful rice fields, between villages with well crafted artworks. There one of many tradition in Bali which people still do that is cleansing our body with holy water or well known by Melukat. There are some places where we can Melukat that maybe you already know, like Tirta Empul Tampak Siring . There is also another place in Sebatu Tegalalang village, Gianyar, Bali.

Untitled-2-sbtThe uniqueness of this place is when you “Melukat” the water will be bubble-colored like when you take a bath. Local people believe that you have weather it medical or non-medical illness. Actually this place is not tourism site because everyone who come to this place only for melukat and not else. Based on the guard when its full moon Sebatu temple will be crowded that Tirta Empul or Gunung Kawi temple.

There are some thing you have to prepare for melukat :

  1. Daksina Pejati, especially for a first time in the place.
  2. Pejati must contain banana and lotus flower.
  3. Kwangen with flower and 11 kepeng coins (old coin use to do transaction long time ago)
  4. The clothes are Balinese clothes and not wearing any jewels when in water.

Thing to do on Melukat :

  1. Praying in Dalem Pingit temple and Kusti its in the upper part with the kwangen.
  2. And then bring the kwangen along to the water and put still on your forehead, when in water let go the kwangen so the water current take the kwangen away.
  3. After Melukat you have to pray once again near the rocks.

Untitled-3-sbtBeside that, some information from “Pemangku” or the prayer lead, a women on menstruation period and kids that haven’t  lost a teeth are prohibited. And don’t be surprised when some people are dancing strangely because the place filled with magical aura. There is a place for people to change their clothes, and go home by walking up through slippery staircase but it is fun while breathing fresh air and hearing the birds chirping.

Sacred Water Spring in Sebatu Temple

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