Take a Deep Breath to The Fascinating Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

Jatiluwih is a natural tourist destination which is so interesting because it has a beautiful nature landscape. Jatiluwih is located in Penebel District, Tabanan regency, Bali.

Jatiluwih consist of two words which are Jati and Luwih that means “really beautiful”. Jatiluwih has a great background which is Batukaru mount and located in the height of 700 meters above sea level and has a cool fresh air also with the comfortable atmosphere. The major of its area is an agricultural area that made with terraces shape, so that it called as Balinese Rice Terrace. The system of this rice terrace had been made Jatiluwih nominated in UNESCO World Heritage list as a world culture heritage. Jatiluwih is the best location to see the panorama of rice terrace in Bali.

To irrigate this rice terrace with total area around 636 hectares in Jatiluwih, it is using Subak Irrigation System or Balinese traditional irrigation which based on community. The natural tourist destination of Jatiluwih is visited often by local and international tourist to enjoy the beauty of natural landscape, the fresh air, also enjoy the rural quiet atmosphere. The green rice field area that really spacious is the main attraction of natural tourist destination that can be found in Jatiluwih.

Penebel is one of area in Bali which concentrates on agriculture and plantation sectors. One of commodity produces is brown rice. Therefore, the most of rice field in Jatiluwih produces the brown rice. Another uniqueness of this rice field is the irrigation system that used for irrigate this rice field.

Same as in other areas in Bali, this rice field using Subak. Subak is a farmer organization to manage the conduit to irrigate the rice field. This system is used by Balinese people hereditarily since one millennium ago. Subak is thick with mutual cooperation and kinship. Subak also thick with the religious ceremony start from sowing seeds until the rice saved in barn.

Maybe you have already found the rice terraces in other area in Indonesia, but you will only found “Bedugul” in Balinese typical rice terraces. Bedugul is a place or hut to worship Goddess Sri or the symbol of fertility.

Rice in Jatiluwih

Jatiluwih paddy is indeed different with other paddy that used to be planted by farmer or rice that we used to eat in daily life. Jatiluwih paddy is rice brown paddy that only exists in Jatiluwih and few other villages in Bali. But, Jatiluwih rice field presents the fabulous charm because of its terraces shape and twist following the hill’s shape.

The long journey, twist and exhausting quickly healed after seeing the overlay green rice field that stretches above the hill. Entering May, the overlay Jatiluwih rice field will start to produce the grains that green golden colored. That combination presents the interesting color gradation between the grains and its stem leaf which has dark green colored as overlay carpet which stretched over the hill.

Jatiluwih paddy starts to be planted on January, 2011 and will entering the harvest period on June, 2011. The farmer in this village only plants the paddy once within a year. The kind of paddy that planted is brown rice which becomes the excellent paddy in Jatiluwih.

Things to do in Jatiluwih

In Jatiluwih, the tourist can do some activities such as trekking while enjoy the natural atmosphere of Jatiluwih also see the activities of local people that spent their time almost a day full in the rice field. Tourist also enjoy the cultural attraction such as practicing how to plant a paddy start from agricultural processes and mapag toya, ngendag, cultivate the soil, seed planting, mebiyukukung until harvest the paddy. Interestingly, the local paddy is still maintained and the cultivation still using the organic fertilizer. Once in every 210 days on Raby Kliwon Ugu, tourist can see Petoyan Ceremony which held at Petalu Temple by performing dance that has a sacred meaning named Wali Pendek Dance.

Facility provided in Jatiluwih

In Jatiluwih area, there is Wantilan provides as a place to take a rest, Bale Bengong, restaurant, mini market, toilet and parking area.

The mileage to Jatiluwih

To rach Jatiluwih area, it takes around 48 kilometers from Denpasar city and it is located on the northern of Tabanan city, around 28 kilometers from Tabanan city.

Take a Deep Breath to The Fascinating Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

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