Discover The Sacred Water Spring at Tirta Sudamala Temple

Bali is indeed identical with island of God, so that many sacred building such as temples for religious activities that used for glorify His existence, or other spiritual activities as for a place of Melukat / a place for purifying self in a place which has a magic power that believed has a holy spiritual power which come from Ida Sang Hyang Widhi. Same as like at Tirta Sudamala Temple. There are at least 11 showers, 9 showers are higher than 2 other showers. These showers are believed by people as a place for Melukat, purifying self as physical and spiritual, healing bad effect such black magic so that could smelt the dirt.

Tirta Sudamala is located in Sedit village, Bebalang district, Bangli regency. It is around 1 km from south western part of the city. Access to the location is easy enough because it is located in the edge of highway, moreover the way toward the location also serve a nice panorama like rice paddy field, forest, and far from boisterousness of the city, the lush atmosphere, and give a peace sensation.

Tirta Sudamala Temple also give the thick spiritual sense, seems so peace, the showers flows cleanly, it is never get dry even though when dry season, the cliffs looks so beautiful as if fenced this place to avoid us from bad effect. The charm of this place makes it to be tourist destination in Bali which is should be counted in especially for those who like spiritual tour. The shower flows from natural water spring around big bunut tree which aged hundreds year. In addition as melukat place, the water of water spring also consumed by local people. While the clean water that flows to river become bathing spot by local people.

The water flows quite heavy from the shower, moreover the water from the higher shower, the water drop could be made as natural massage. On some holy days based on Hindus calendar, this place often visited by people with purpose for melukat. There is a Mangku (religious people) who will prepare the offering before melukat started.

Discover The Sacred Water Spring at Tirta Sudamala Temple

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