Enjoy a Harmonic Mixture of Beautiful Natural Landscape at Bukit Jambul

Bukit Jambul or is located at Pesaban Village, Rendang district, Karangasem regency. It takes around 51km from Denpasar City and 12km from Klungkung. From Denpasar, it takes approximately 45-60 minutes of journey.

Based on people opinion around Bukit Jambul, the name of Bukit Jambul was initially used since Dutch Colonial Era in Indonesia. There was a touyrist from Netherlands who found a place above the hills that has a beautiful view. At the western part of the hill there was a large collection of similar banyan trees which if it looks from distance, it will look like a hill which had a crest. So, it became the reason why this hill called Bukit Jambul.

Bukit Jambul is located in 500m height above the sea level so the atmosphere feels so cool. The nature landscape that provided around Bukit Jambul is really fascinating. From the top of Bukit Jambul, you will see stretch of hills and rice terraces. While in the other corner, there is captivating views of the exotic sea which is obviously seen from the top of the hill. Also the cluster of Nusa Penida Island is looks obvious and magnificent.

While enjoying various nature beauty that you can see at Bukit Jambul, you can also take some leisure time and enjoying some coffee and foods at Green Hills or Puri Boga Restaurant that located at Bukit Jambul. Other facilities that provides at Bukit Jambul is the parking area and mini shops that sell various needs of tourists.
Bukit Jambul must be added to your destination list while you have a holiday in Bali, because Bukit Jambul is a fascinating tourism spot by its harmonic mixture of hills, rice terraces, and sea which can make you feel awe over this place.

Enjoy a Harmonic Mixture of Beautiful Natural Landscape at Bukit Jambul

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