Take a Deeper Sight to The Enchanting Melasti Beach

Talking about the beach in southern Bali sounds never have the end. Many efforts were made by local villagers to improve the attractiveness in purpose to make visitors excited with tourism spot in some areas. Now there is a treat of the beach full of steep slopes on Melasti Beach will make you feel awe continuously.

Melasti beach located at Ungasan Village. High cliffs which separate paved roads often become the background of photo shoot location, the height of cliffs can reach around 100-150 meters. This beach is often used by local people as a center of Melasti ceremony on a specific day.

Melasti Beach that used to reach through the challenging terrain, now has a proper road access. Visitors can pass through the various sizes of vehicles. Melasti Beach visitors are still dominated by local people as well as some local tourists.

In the afternoon, visitors spent most of their time sitting on the top of a white sand while waiting for sunset. If the sea is receding, cavities stone that resembles a pool gives clear water as a fresh place to soak. Similarly, small fish will be obviously seen, also trapped in this small pond.

Take a Deeper Sight to The Enchanting Melasti Beach

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