Enjoy Your Day in The Most Eye-Catching Beach in Flores

Traveling to Flores Island and Komodo Island always has no end to be explained. A clear blue sky that blend in with the blue ocean framed with the overlay white sand that becomes the usual scenery while we go to the beach.

But this is a little bit different, Pink Beach is one of beauty that you can found in Taman Nasional Komodo area, East Nusa Tenggara. Pink Beach or Pantai Merah is one of 7 pink sandy beaches in over the world.

Pink Beach not only has a beautiful appearance of the beach itself, but Pink Beach also has a great underwater scenery that saves many nature beauty and wealth to be seen. Underwater Park of Pink Beach is a home of various fish species, hundreds coral reefs, and other sea biota. Therefore, snorkeling or diving are the main activities that should be try while you go to Pink Beach.

Pink sand is formed from pieces of red coral. But the truth is a kind of amoeba microscopic animals called Foraminifera which produce red or pink light on the reef. If we take a pinch of sand was then shown a red sand in between the white sand. When the waves sweeping the sand and pull it, then sand the color turned into dark pink.

Located at the north east of Komodo entry point called Loh Liang, Pink Beach is one of a must-stop beach after trekking in Komodo Island. It is just less than 15 minutes with the boat from the Loh Liang boat jetty. Once you are there, you are just tempting to jump off the boat and start swimming. Coral reefs here are are so healthy and colorful which makes it always perfect for snorkeling.

Whenever you want to hang out on the beach for sun bathing or playing with your tour mates, you are simply swim toward the beach. The sand is so perfect that makes you do not want to leave the beach. Some big liveaboard board often stop over for playing beach volley ball or fresbying.

Enjoy Your Day in The Most Eye-Catching Beach in Flores

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